09 February 2010


Was in Stockholm today. Had a very boring assignment which basically entailed me sitting in the library all day, watching people. In the end I had to go..just go...far far away..I think people started to realise that I was stalking them.

I was supposed to meet an old friend from back home who is studying in Stockholm right now, but sometime during the afternoon he let me know that he couldn't make it. Pity.

I decided to venture into the city, despite it being very cold, snowing, and my bag weighing several tons! (I had one book to read, currently reading Hello, Heartbreak by Amy Huberman, three books to read for school and my laptop in that bag). Anyway, I went into the big book store, and despite feeling a lot of pain in my back, sweating ( warm clothes and stores don't go together very well) and being hungry, I managed to find two books. Shame that I didn't have the energy to stay longer..imagine what gems I would have found then....

So, now I'm back home again..studystudystudy..Lots to do this week...


  1. Dina böcker är så gulliga!

    Tja, jag har swedbank, hitta.se, foodscanner, google reader, ShopShop, arla kokbok, coop recept och en Lightsaber som INTE jag lagt till. =) Och Bejeweled 2.

    Jobbar på det. Hör absolut av mig om jag hittar nåt jätteroligt.

  2. Yeah, me too! I was ready to leave to store when I saw it on a table especially assigned to Valentines Day, I just had to buy it:)