24 April 2010

Summer Holiday Books

Summer is approaching even though it still snows occasionally.
This year, summer means three long months of doing absolutely nothing. Or well, not nothing, there will be lots and lots of reading..and of course sunbathing and swimming and enjoying :)

This year I'm going to be away for 5 long weeks. Which normally would mean that I need 30 books. Now we all know that I can't take 30 books with me..my suitcase isn't that big!. But I thought that I could get away with ten books...one in my handbag, two in my hand-luggage and so on....

So now the excruciating task of setting books aside begins. They have to be:
  • Quite small 
  • Not too heavy
  • Bubbly and perfect summer reads
  • Interesting
  • And I need diversity..
So the first book I'm going to set aside is The Not-So Secret Diary of a City Girl by Allie Spencer  it is a Little Black Dress book, perfect for my handbag. It will be the first to the hopefully growing stack of books on my windowsill..taunting me when I'm bored........

21 April 2010

Just Arrived #4

I just had to walk for an hour to get these lovelies home, and let me tell you: They are heavy!!
But it was totally worth it! One must simply love DHL they are always so efficient! At this point I don't know when the rest of the books are going to arrive..but now I'll be busy reading anyway :)

19 April 2010

Can't Wait #2.1 and Ash Cloud

Today is again one of these days I wish I'd live in a country where they sell books in English in the nearest book store or that I  would read books in the language of the country I actually live in. Anyway, due to the volcanic ash cloud my days are dim for the lack of books. I'm actually right now waiting for 15 !!! yes 15 !! books to arrive...well, it's probably not going to happen this week :(

Can't Wait # 2

I simply can't wait for Claire LaZebniks new book If You Lived Here, You'd Be Home Now !!!

It's out in September!

Also looking forward to:
  • A Weekend With Mr. Darcy by Victoria Connelly           (September)
  • The Final Hitch by Samantha Scott-Jeffries                     (June)
  • I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk                                           (July)

17 April 2010

ReRead #5

I've probably just had the worst day of my life..or at least it feels that way. I guess it always feels like this when ones body is hurting. Anyway, it was not all bad ( I just feel sorry for myself when the painkillers are wearing off). I spent some time curled up on the couch watching some movie..but most of the day I spent in bed reading (or sleeping). I couldn't get through yesterdays ReRead..I remembered EVERYTHING and I don't like that, so I guess it was too soon to pick it up again. But I still love it, I still think it is a wonderful book!
Anyway, today's little ReRead I found behind a dusty stack of books and I thought I'd give it a chance:
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Men I've Dated by Shane Bolks.

Yeah, well, it looks like my "new" books are going to take a while, what with the ash-cloud and all ......

16 April 2010

ReRead #4

I'm sick again..Quelle surprise!

Between short bouts of fitful sleeping or simply staring at nothing I alternate between writing my final paper (which is/was due today) and reading. It seems though that it is a lot easier to read than to write when you can't think coherently. Anyway, I just finished One Night Stand and I have to say it is as good as the first time I've read it. I love it! The characters are likeable, I developed a huge crush Hugh (must be because my body is weak from fever), the story is fast-paced and interesting and the writing is wonderful. It made me laugh and my eyes got wet now and then :)

So..I've decided to stay with the pregnancy theme and move on to this book:

ReRead nr. 4 is One Thing Led to Another by Katy Regan

(I'm running out of rereadable books..hope my new books will arrive soon!)

15 April 2010

Can't Wait #1

Unbearable Waiting

I'm so excited about Diana Gabaldons graphic novel The Exile about Jamie and Claire that it hurts in my chest. The waiting for it to be released is unbearable.
At least there is now a cover art of the book. You can see it here !

Now I have to distract myself with writing exams...

ReRead # 3

So, I finished reading The Pregnancy Test yesterday. This time around I found it way too cheesy, I skipped several pages and skimmed through some parts. I guess I was a bit younger when I read it the first time. Anyway, I decided to stay with the theme of unexpected pregnancy so today's charming little book I'm going to reread is this one:
One Night Stand by Julie Cohen

13 April 2010

ReRead #1 and #2

I wish I lived in a country where one simply can walk into a store/shop and pick up a good book or several.
This is another week without books, I don't understand why my timing is so wrong all the time, I get seriously frustrated when I have nothing to read.

So, yesterday I picked up one of my all-time favourite books to reread!

Conversations With the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
I normally have a problem rereading books, but this time was different. And I liked it even more than the first time around!! My English has improved since I've read it the first time and I'm also a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser. I really really love this book :)

Anyway,  I have some serious studying to do and have to write 3 papers until Friday, but without reading I can't concentrate..so today's ReRead is this following book:
The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy
It should be a light enough book for today- Easy enough to put down and study/write some more, and Interesting enough to pick up again and continue reading...:)

I just hope I'll find a book to reread tomorrow! Any suggestions??

10 April 2010

Just Read # 5

In the beginning of this week I read this little gem:

Midory by Moonlight by Wendy Nelson Tokunaga
I loved, no LURVED! the plot, the storyline! I've been a big fan of Japan ever since I've read my first book by Federica de Cesco by the age of 8. But when I said gem, I meant it. This is an unpolished Jewel, a Diamond in the rough.
I loved everything about the story, I liked Midori and I fell a little bit in love with Shinji.
But I'm sorry to say that I was close to throw it away several times. I hated, no HATED the writing. I don't like the patronizing style, I really don't. If you've been reading this blog for a time you already know that the writing style I love best is the one from the 'I' -perspective.
One of my most favourite books last year was Wendy Nelson Tokunagas Love in Translation, what a tremendous difference in writing, writing style.
Anyway, even though I really hated the writing I was enough interested in the story, that I couldn't put it away. I really couldn't. And believe me, I tried! But the book kept showing up on the weirdest places and I really didn't have any choice but to finish it, and I'm glad I did..it gave me joy, and now I'm really really looking forward to Wendy N.Tokunagas next book, whenever that is. Because she is one h*** of a story-teller and her writing in the newest book is wonderful...so it can only get better! YaY!!

09 April 2010

Just Read # 4

This week I've read Persuading Annie by Melissa Nathan

I've had this book on my bookshelf for a very long time. The reason why I picked it up this week is that I don't have much else to read. My last batch of books was a very bad one indeed (Just Arrived #2) I only managed to read a page or two, a chapter at most, the only book I've actually finished is Something About You by Julie James.

Anyway, back to Persuading Annie. Even though I don't actually know what I think about it. This is one of these books who make it difficult for you to make up your mind. I knew the story outlines before I started reading, of course. It is after all based on Persuasion by Jane Austen. But I had a hard time identifying with the characters, some scenes were just plain silly, some two-dimensional characters and some dialogue that didn't make sense to me. Yet there was some charming element in it, in the writing, the wittiness, the prose. Something kept me reading. Something kept me going.

Basically this book saved my week, left me wanting and dissatisfied in the reunion scenes and made me sad that there won't be any more books by Melissa Nathan.

Other books by Melissa Nathan I totally loved are : The Nanny and Pride and Prejudice and Jasmin Field (also called Acting Up)


The reason why I'm not posting here much is because I don't have anything to read. Which is sad. I'm home and sick and all I want to do is reading a great book, maybe I'm in the mood to read an old one, a good book I've already read.

This last week I've read two books ('cause I didn't have any more!)..I hope to post some reviews soon!

Have nice Weekend!

06 April 2010


Hello Everybody!!

I've decided to make this blog about books only!

My new blog, about my daily life can be found here : http://theblablaqueen.blogspot.com it will mostly be in Swedish though. So check it out if you want to!

05 April 2010


Tomorrow is Book-Ordering-Day!!!!

Any suggestions???

I have a few lined up already:

- Anita Notaro - No Ordinary Love
- Allie Spencer - The Not So Secret Diary of a City Girl
- Katherine Center - Get Lucky
- Carol Snow - Just Like Me, Only Better
- Pamela Ribon - Going in Circles

Can't Wait for:
- Niamh Shaw - About Time
- Jane Costello - My Single Friend (I've been waiting for ever and ever!!!)
- Belinda Jones - Livin La Vida Loca


Åååååh, jag hade missat att Bones kom igång igen i torsdags..hur kunde det hända? Jag kollar ju jämt när nästa avsnittet ska visas och hela tiden stod det 8.april....
Vilket lyckorus jag fick nu...
Me love Bones!


Sorry, I'm really sorry that I have been absent for quite some time.
I hope it'll get better soon. I'm currently thinking about several options
  1. Continue like before
  2. Stop writing, close my blog
  3. Start a second blog. 1 only for/about books and 1 only for my daily whining and pics....
Well, I'll see what I'll do...Just have to organize a few things in my life and hopefully it'll get more quiet soon!
I'll keep you updated of any changes (about the blog), of course :)