17 February 2010

Good Cop, Bad Cop

I didn't get my usual Summer-job. Which is actually very bad news. I've already booked my Summer vacation and now I don't have the money!!! :(
Well, some of you might ask why I booked my vacation already if I was unsure about the money. Lets say it this way:

This I shot today on my balcony. It has looked more or less like this since the beginning of december. And it has been cold, very cold. And, get this, its snowing again!! Apparently its going to be even colder yet again. I can't take it anymore! I'm serious. So, that's why I booked my Summer vacation, warmth, beach, SUN!
So, now I have two options.
  1. Look for another Job, which probably is going to be very very very difficult, because I've only a few weeks off before going away on vacation and who wants to hire someone for just a few weeks, when they can get someone for the whole Summer? Just wondering. And it should be close to where I live, otherwise all the money will be spent on travelling to and from work. So, it doesn't look good, really.
  2. Stop buying books!! I probably wouldn't survive...
So, what else is new?

  • I've applied for a 5 week internship at the same library I was almost caught as a stalker last week. What irony.
  • I handed in my report yesterday
  • Lets hope I can deal with the public humiliation on tomorrows and Fridays seminaries..normally I don't handle these very well, lets hope this time is different..
  • I've only two episodes of NCIS Los Angeles left to watch :(
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