15 February 2010

Just Read # 1

I finished this one sometime last week. As I said in an earlier post, I've never read so fast!
I liked Hand-me-down by Lee Nichols a lot. Really. Funny, interesting, a story of realising what life is about, realising one's potential, learning, loving, searching.....

Also by Lee Nichols:
  • Tales of a Drama Queen (on my shelf - to-be-read)
  • Wednesday Night Witches (on my to-buy-list)
  • Reconstructing Brigid
  • True Lies of a Drama Queen
Unfortunately I wasn't able to find these other two books anywhere, I'd love to read them though :( :(

1 comment :

  1. Ska vi starta en bokklubb? =)

    Jag kommer gärna till Uppsala, en av mina bästa vänner bor där och är gravid nu så jag hälsar gärna på.