10 February 2010

I've never any idea what to write in here :S

I've just finished Hello, Heartbreak by Amy Huberman.

It's my first book back since reading The Dating-Detox which I really really loved. Anyway, I didn't have much time to read these past few weeks anyway, what with my Mum visiting, Uni being very demanding and the weather being really depressing (don't ask what that's to do with reading, I don't know either!). Anyway, yesterday evening I've had enough and picked up the book on top of my pile, it happened to be Hello, Heartbreak. Lets face it, I'm not good at giving reviews, maybe it has to do with me being shy, or being too self-conscious, who knows. But I liked it. If you like a funny, likeable heroine, good writing, a hot hunk and hilarious scenes I'd recommend to pick it up :) It even left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling (or it could have been the chocolate with the glass of red wine).

Here's my favourite laugh: "I sincerely hoped he knew I was joking about the dawn jog. People who sacrificed an extra hour in bed to run around in the dark wearing Lycra were obviously in a weird cult and should be avoided at all costs." (Hello, Heartbreak by Amy Huberman, p. 183.)

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I've been wanting to read this one too actually! :D