31 August 2011

Romance Retreat: Only Yours by Susan Mallery

Book Review: Only Yours by Susan Mallery

Only Yours - Susan Mallery

Man’s best…matchmaker?

Montana Hendrix has found her calling—working with therapy dogs. With a career she loves in a hometown she adores, she’s finally ready to look for her own happily ever after. Could one of her dogs help her find Mr. Right…or maybe Dr. Right?

Surgeon Simon Bradley prefers the sterility of the hospital to the messiness of real life, especially when real life includes an accident-prone mutt and a woman whose kisses make him want what he knows he can’t have.

Scarred since childhood, he avoids emotional entanglement by moving from place to place to heal children who need his skillful touch. Can his growing feelings for Montana lead him to find a home in Fool’s Gold, or will he walk away, taking her broken heart with him?

Why did I read this book?
As I've already explained in my previous Romance Retreat post, I like to read at least one book a month in this genre and Susan Mallery is a favourite author of mine in this genre. Only Yours is the fifth book in her Fool's Gold series (the 2nd in the Hendrix triplets mini-series) so, naturally I had to pick it up.
I got this book through Netgalley

The Cover
I haven't seen this cover IRL, only on the e-galley. Not quite sure what to make of it, it looks a bit like late spring, early summer, but the color-combination reminds of Autumn. But it looks like a feel-good novel, which it is. The only thing missing is the dog!!!
My Thoughts
Some of you may remember that I wasn't a big fan of  Only Mine as I stated in my review, but I immediately dove into this one after finishing Only Mine. For me the difference between book #4 and this one was like Day and Night. I simply adored this book. Simon is such an interesting and troubled hero, I love his scars and his self-sacrifice, his loneliness. Montana on the other hand feels like a fresh breeze. I felt a connection with her that I didn't with Dakota. Maybe because we get to know Montana a little bit more in the previous Fool's Gold books than we do Dakota. And the fact that she worked in the library before obviously helps.
What I loved about this book is that it focused more on the main characters, the secondary stories are kept to a minimum and we get to meet the characters from the previous books again. After having read five books about Fool's Gold it's become close to my heart. I love reading about that town, it feels like a know every inhabitant, every street, all the corners and moods of this town. The parts that are set in the hospital in this story are heartbreaking and wonderfully written. The chemistry between Simon and Montana is perfect, as easy as that.

My only problem with Only Yours is a personal one. I'm scared of dogs. That's all.

Final Words
If you are looking for a feel-good novel, sparkling chemistry, scarred hero and cute dogs this is the book for you.

14 August 2011

In My Mailbox # 24

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren , find out more about it on her IMM-page.

I actually didn't plan on posting an IMM this week as I only got two books...but then I thought, why not :) so that's why I'm a bit late with this one.

Emerald - Karen Wallace. I love this cover, with the green, the hair and the dove :)

Pilgrim's Don't Wear Pink - Stephanie Kate Strohm. (Netgalley). This sounded like a funny Beach Read...

So, this is it from me this week. (Postie was a bit lazy a guess, or tired after last week's abundance of books)

Happy Reading

11 August 2011

Chick-lit Corner: Bookreview

Girl On The Run by Jane Costello

I'm cheating a little bit today, as I've had a horrid week (those who follow me on twitter know why) and just couldn't read, so the book I'd planned to review today hides under my bed only half-read. So I thought I'd post a short review of a book I've read back in April.

Girl on the Run - Jane Costello

Abby Rogers has been on health kicks before - they involve eating one blueberry muffin for breakfast instead of two. When she's encouraged to join her fitness-fanatic best friend's running club - by none other than its gorgeous new captain - she finds a mysterious compulsion to exercise.

Why did I read this book?
 I've been a huge Jane Costello fan ever since I found her first book Bridesmaids in a bookstore in Stockholm a few years back. I've devoured her books ever since. So, of course I had to read her latest one too. 
The Cover
I love the cover, it matches the previous ones and fits the story perfectly. It's summery, it's fresh, it's funny.

My Thought about the Book
Sadly it is already a few months since I've read this book so my thoughts about it aren't as coherent as I'd like them to be. I like to have the story fresh in my mind when I review a book.
Anyway, I remember that I giggled my way through it. From start to finish. I felt a strong friendship with Abby, she's really likeable, funny and charming. I could really relate to her aversion to all things exercise as I'm really not the sporty-type and particulary hate running (which may have to do with the fact that I have very very weak ankles and always sprain them as soon as I start to run, or well, I sprain them even when I walk, but that's another story). 
I admire Abby's fighting-spirit, that she doesn't give up because she has something to fight for. That she wants to run for charity, to help her friend is just awesome.
Lets not forget about the man in the story. *Swoon*. Where was I? Ahh, yes, he's perfect. Enough said. He and Abby have a lot of chemistry, the dialogues are witty and snappy. 

All in all..I loved this book. It made me giggle. Chick-lit at its best!

08 August 2011

YA - Lounge: Bookreview

Saving June by Hannah Harrington

Saving June - Hanna Harrington

'If she’d waited less than two weeks, she’d be June who died in June. But I guess my sister didn’t consider that.’

Harper Scott’s older sister has always been the perfect one — so when June takes her own life a week before her high school graduation, sixteen-year-old Harper is devastated. Everyone’s sorry, but no one can explain why.

When her divorcing parents decide to split her sister’s ashes into his-and-her urns, Harper takes matters into her own hands. She’ll steal the ashes and drive cross-country with her best friend, Laney, to the one place June always dreamed of going — California.

Enter Jake Tolan. He’s a boy with a bad attitude, a classic-rock obsession and nothing in common with Harper’s sister. But Jake had a connection with June, and when he insists on joining them, Harper’s just desperate enough to let him. With his alternately charming and infuriating demeanour and his belief that music can see you through anything, he might be exactly what she needs.

Except June wasn’t the only one hiding something. Jake’s keeping a secret that has the power to turn Harper’s life upside down — again.

Why did I read this book?
 I heard so much good about this book on Twitter and  in the whole blogosphere that it made me really curious to see what all the buzz is about. Dealing with death in the family, especially suicide is a hard but interesting topic, I wanted to see how it was executed in this book. And yeah, I'm a sucker for Road-trips and bad boys :)

The Cover
I actually don't think I like the cover. I doesn't blow me away. It's a bit blah. But I haven't seen it IRL so maybe it looks better on the book? But I do get a sense of sadness so it has achieved its purpose.

My Thoughts About the Book
For full disclosure I have to say that my timing of reading Saving June could have been better. I picked it up (or, well, I started my laptop) the day after I read one of the most amazing books I've read this year (Wanderlove). Not only after an amazing book, but an amazing book featuring travel/road-trippy kind of things. So it was clear from the outset that I'd judge Saving June to the background of that book.

There's a lot of grief in this book. I mean how would you feel if your perfect big sister ended her life by choice? With the grief comes the judging of others how you handle that grief. Are you numb? No tears, no showing of emotions? That's exactly how Harper reacts. She's just a teenager and has no idea what to think or feel about the suicide of her sister.

Harper is a sarcastic, outspoken character. She has a lot of anger bundled up inside her. It takes a while to warm up to her, actually I'm not even sure that I liked her at the end of the book. The same goes with bad boy Jake. He really is mysterious. Sure there are some bits and pieces revealed about him. Or maybe I should say that there a lot of descriptions about him. Like he lives and breathes music, that he doesn't write his own music, he has quite a strong opinion of what good music and bad music is, he can be a jerk, he can be nice, he had a difficult childhood. But you know what? I don't feel like I know him after having read Saving June. In fact, I feel like I don't know anything about any of the characters, not Harper, not Laney (her best friend), not Jake and certainly not June. It's not like they didn't do anything in this story, not that they didn't have opinions about things. I think my problem is that too much happened. To many conflicting views and opinions, characters changed from page to page. Or maybe that was just me.

I read Saving June on my laptop which isn't really a nice way to read a book. So there must have been something in the story, in the writing compelling me to read on. Yes, it is an interesting story, I did want to know how it all turns out, how it ends. Saving June is about a difficult topic and it shouldn't be easy to read those parts of the story.
What I particularly liked about this book is all the talk about music, how Harrington weaves these small anecdotes and tidbits perfectly into the story. How music plays such a big part in it. There even are playlists included at the end of the book.

What I didn't like (may contain some small spoilers !!)
There was just too much in this book in my opinion. All the teenage clichés crammed into it (promqueen, bad boy, goth-girl, drinking, drugs, sex and first times, date-rape, teenage pregnancy), different political views and acts and opinions (vegan, vegetarian, my body is a temple, protesting, religion, talk about God, and more...). Pretentious is the word. Sometimes less is more. In fact, there was a perfect scene near the end of the book which would have made the perfect ending for me.

Also the whole Road Trip was a bit disappointing for me. I had high expectations and it fell a bit short for me. I didn't really feel like a was there at all the different places, couldn't feel and smell the air, I didn't have the urge to google all the places or to pack my bags and travel. Which is a shame really.

All in all.... I know that Saving June  is well liked by many readers, many love it and connected with it on a deeper level. I didn't. I really wanted to like and love it, but didn't. Something was missing. If you find the blurb on the book interesting and think it might appeal to you then please read it, don't let my personal opinions keep you from reading it :)

06 August 2011

In My Mailbox 23

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren , find out more about it on her IMM-page.

I was quite lucky this week, postie knocked on my door every day :). I'm also catching up with my reading and next week there will be new reviews coming, yay :)

Supernaturally - Kiersten White. Yay, it finally arrived. I think it took a little detour through Europe or something :)
Wolfsbane - Andrea Cremer (I still like the old cover better!)
Wildefire - Karsten Knight. Beautiful Cover. I've heard so much good about this book, so I just had to have it :)
The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab. I'm soooo looking forward to reading this!

Love and Other Things I'm Bad At - Catherine Clark. This looked like a perfect Summer Read
Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik. I'm a huge fan of Claire's adult books, so naturally I had to read her first attempt at YA.
Hunting Lila - Sarah Alderson.

These two books seem to be the same :) even though they have different covers, titles and author names! I got The Demon Lover through Netgalley on my Kindle and had obviously pre-ordered Incubus before I realised that they were the same books!!!
The Demon Lover - Juliet Dark (Netgalley. Love that cover!!)
Incubus - Carol Goodman (Really, check the summary, they are the same!)

Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen. Yay, another for my Penguin Classics collection :)

From London With Love - Jemma Forte. I'm a big fan of James Bond, love the cover :)
Monday to Friday Man - Alice Peterson. 
Count Down to Love - Julie N. Ford

Kindle Books
Until There Was You - Kristan Higgins. (Netgalley. Contemporary Romance)
Wanderlove  - Kirsten Hubbard. (Netgalley) Absolutely Perfect. My favourite book this year so far!
Wicked In Your Arms - Sophie Jordan. (Historical Romance)

So, that's it from me this week. What did you all get?
Happy Reading!!

01 August 2011

July Favourites (Monthly favs #7) - Ice Boy, why so cool?

Favourite Books of July or the Ice Boy edition

Another month has come and gone and sadly I didn't have much time to read. I've also been in a weird mood and didn't feel much like reading :(. So I've only read 8 or 9 books during July and none has stood out, none is deserving of a spot in my 'Favourite of the Month' list. Well, none except one that is.

The Iron Knight (Iron Fey #4)

Ash, former prince of the Winter Court, gave up everything. His title, his home, even his vow of loyalty. All for a girl… and all for nothing.

Unless he can earn a soul.

To cold, emotionless faery prince Ash, love was a weakness for mortals and fools. His own love had died a horrible death, killing any gentler feelings the Winter prince might have had. Or so he thought.

Then Meghan Chase—a half human, half fey slip of a girl— smashed through his barricades, binding him to her irrevocably with his oath to be her knight. And when all of Faery nearly fell to the Iron fey, she severed their bond to save his life. Meghan is now the Iron Queen, ruler of a realm where no Winter or Summer fey can survive.

With the (unwelcome) company of his archrival, Summer Court prankster Puck, and the infuriating cait sith Grimalkin, Ash begins a journey he is bound to see through to its end— a quest to find a way to honor his solemn vow to stand by Meghan’s side.

To survive in the Iron realm, Ash must have a soul and a mortal body. But the tests he must face to earn these things are impossible. At least, no one has ever passed to tell the tale.

And then Ash learns something that changes everything. A truth that turns reality upside down, challenges his darkest beliefs and shows him that, sometimes, it takes more than courage to make the ultimate sacrifice

I'll publish a review of the Iron Knight a little closer to its Release Date. But let me just say it is a bitter-sweet but perfect ending to this lovely series. I cried and I laughed. Now I have that sad and empty feeling I always get when I finish a wonderful book. Can't wait to read more of Julie Kagawa's work.