10 June 2010

Changes in my swedish blog

For all my swedish readers out there, I had to change the address of my blog it is now: http://blablaqueenn.blogspot.com

Hope to see you there :)

Just Arrived #11

I've been waiting forever!

You're the One that I don't want by Alexandra Potter is simply beautiful...it's going to be read on the beach, or by the pool on my vacation..so I have to wait to read it :(

08 June 2010

Reviews #1

Hello everybody!

I'm really sorry that I have been a very very bad girl. I let you all down. I'm sorry.
The weather has been really great here this past week, quite surprising with here being Sweden. After the horrible long and very cold winter we had, I  now spent all my free-time  outside, I've been starving for sun. And I really enjoy the fact that I don't have to turn on my computer. I feel free. Sure, I check in on emails and the latest news via my iPhone, but  I don't have to write back. An amazing feeling :)
Anyway, since it looks like I've lost most of my readers and the fact that I really hate writing reviews other than "I really really loved this book" I've decided to give you a quick run down on the books I suggested for review in my 'Requesting Reviews #1' and I'll start giving better and longer reviews with books I'm more up to date with..given the fact that it is been a while since I've read the suggested books. Anyway..here they are:

About Time by Niamh Shaw
Remember me talking about feelings in Me and reading? The feeling of this book is still present in my body. I have no idea what makes this book so special. Sure, I've been looking forward to it, a lot, after reading Smart Casual and her blog but that doesn't explain why the feeling hasn't faded away yet. I think this book is different from the other Little Black Dress Books. It stars a heroine, Lara, who really shouldn't be likeable. She is flighty, seems  to be superficial, blames everyone else but herself, repressing her true feelings, repressing her past. But believe me, you'll fall in love with her, just like everyone else in the book. She is super funny and you can't help but wanting to help her, being afraid of where she is headed, which mistakes she is making and about to make.
Normally I don't like flashbacks in book, I always get the feeling *get on with the story!! I want to know what happens NOW!!* and I'm embarrassed to tell you that I usually fast forward until the present time. Anyway, if I'd have done this with this book, I would have to fast forward until the very end, and I would have missed the beautiful story inside.
The third thing different about this book is that it is told from two different points of view. It isn't only Lara who tells the story, but also Conn. And Niamh Shaw is really doing a great job telling the story from a guy's eyes. I started to think and act like a guy, seriously, even my friends remarked on it. Haha. Anyway, Conn is a really big geek, nerd whatever, with difficulties in a social context. Lara is the opposite.
Bottom line is that I really liked this book, I was sad when it was finished, I wanted to continue reading. It is really hilarious at some points, I laughed a lot and  my favourite scene involves a romance novel :).
Throughout the book I felt like I was in the 80's, no idea why, I always got surprised when a cell-phone or computer got mentioned..haha.

Oh, well, my review's longer than I thought it would be...I'll post the others soon..(I hope)

03 June 2010

Just Arrived #10

While posting Me and reading just a few moments ago there was someone at the door. Yay, some of my ordered books have finally arrived (it took them long enough!), it's only half of  the book I've ordered but, well it's better than nothing. Summer-break is finally here and I had NOTHING to read all week!

I had planned to post my first review here today, but now I'm off to the balcony -reading!!! It's really hot outside, the sky is all blue, no clouds, I'm going to celebrate life and summer with a good book on my balcony.

I'll be back later, hopefully I'll find time to post my review later today.

Now, all I have to do is to decide which one to read first :)   (Love the cover of Life After Yes by Aidan Donnelley Rowley by the way!)

Me and reading

When it comes to books my brain is like the cheese from the country I am from, yes my brain is like Swiss cheese,.....it stinks :)
Sorry, I just couldn't let that one go. I mean of course that it is full of holes. I forget easily everything, the characters names, details, sometimes even the plot. This is kind of strange, because I proud myself of having a photographic memory when it comes to reading books for uni, studying. I always remember everything, even on which page it was written. Anyway, when it comes to reading for pleasure all that stays with me is the feeling the book left in me. I can sort all my books by feeling. And not just feeling, but also give them a specific time and place. That will say that this particular book is a Wednesday-afternoon read, winter or summer and so on. But if someone would ask me what is that book about I usually have no idea what to say. That's why it is so difficult for me to write reviews, what if I remember something wrong? But what I can do is tell you about the feeling the particular book has left in me, that I can do.