29 April 2009

Books I'm waiting for!!

Yes, I should be asleep by now. But I'm just so jazzed up, so much adrenalin in my body. I got 8 new books today, with by me previously unread authors (except one).
So, I was just thinking about which books I'm currently waiting for, so here is my list!

  • An Echo in the Bone - Diana Gabaldon
  • The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
  • Girl from Mars - Julie Cohen
  • I Heart Hollywood - Lindsey Kelk
  • The Good Luck Girl - Kerry Reichs
  • A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents - Liza Palmer
I'm sure there are more, but my brain is shutting down for today...

28 April 2009

Chick-lit, my favorites

Well, I read a lot, and it's mostly chick-lit I read, so I thought I start off with a list of my favorite chick-lit books. Because I don't read just any book, I really don't. And I don't read the typical chick-lit. I hate everything that has to do with shopping, make-up and shoes! Shoes in particular. I hate shoes (oops, maybe I shouldn't out myself like that). And I don't particular care for books with titles such as "A Singles Guide to...", and I really don't want to read about women working at glossy magazines and so on. So, even though I'm a girl and read chick-lit, I'm not so girly after all.
Books I read have to have something, that difficult to define it, most of the time it's something that is personal to me, and other readers just don't understand why I liked a particular book, because for them there was nothing special about it.
I like reading as an entertainment on lazy afternoons when there's nothing much to do. I like to read on a break from my studies, to get my mind to think about something else. I use reading when I'm angry or sad, because all my negative emotions disappear when I read, and I use reading when I'm happy because reading just makes all my positive emotions so much stronger.

Reading for me is a constant quest for that special feeling in my stomach/heart, some call it butterflies, but I'm not sure if it is that what it is, but it certainly makes life worth living!!!

It's difficult for me to say just exactly why I like a certain book, sometimes it has nothing to do with the book or the plot, but with how the book makes me feel!

My favorite chick-lit books:
(Without any particular order!!!)

  1. Conversations With The Fat Girl - Liza Palmer This is a favorite, not because of the weight issue but because Liza Palmer is an exceptionally good writer. I wasn't a fan of the "I" style before this book, but now I just can't get enough of it. I love the suspense I get when I don't know what everyone else is thinking, when I know exactly as much as the main-person in the book. When the author isn't playing God, and when you don't read phrases like " She didn't know that this wasn't the worst thing happening to her this day, more was to come..."
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For - Alexandra Potter Well, the title says it all. The book really makes you start thinking about the small and big things in everyday-life. Wonderfully written.
  3. Life's too Short to Frost a Cupcake - Rosie Wilde
  4. Out Of The Blue - Belinda Jones Perfect Summer Read! You can litterally smell the ocean!
  5. English As A Second Language - Megan Crane There's a lot of drinking in this book, which could cause a problem for some readers, but it's about college/graduate school, and which student doesn't drink?
  6. Best Day Of Someone Else's Life - Kerry Reichs It's about weddings, a lot of them, which's normally not my thing, too girly. But this is a smart book, very entertaining, many deep insights, it has everything I look for in a book!!
  7. One Night Stand - Julie Cohen
  8. Flirting in Cars - Alisa Kwitney It was a warm sunny day, when I was reading this book on the balcony. I got so immersed in the story that when I finally was interrupted several hours later, I was very red and sun-burnt.
  9. The Nearly-Weds - Jane Costello
  10. Desperately Seeking - Evelyn Cosgrave
  11. Playing James - Sarah Mason
  12. The Nanny - Melissa Nathan
  13. The Boy I Loved Before - Jenny Colgan
  14. I Heart New York - Lindsey Kelk I actually didn't care much for the plot. It has too much shopping, too many clothes and make-up and a few fairy-taily things in it, but the writing, the writing is wonderful! Once picked up, I couldn't put it down again, the emotions were so real. Heavenly :)
  15. Knitting under the Influence - Claire LaZebnik
  16. Truly Madly Yorus - Rachel Gibson
  17. It Should Have Been Me - Phillippa Ashley
  18. Smart Casual - Niamh Shaw
  19. One Thing Led to Another - Katy Regan
  20. Farmer Needs a Wife - Janet Gover