21 November 2008


It's Thursday night and I'm reading. Maybe I should be sleeping. Maybe I should be studying. But I'm reading. Again. I can't stop. And when I'm looking around my bedroom, there's nothing but books, and more books, the occasional magazine, some candles and of course..lots of chocolate.
Yeah, I know, I will be rambling about my everyday boring life, but..well I can't help it. And I'm sure I'm gonna write in whatever language that comes out first, so it will be quite a mix, or should I say mess? But what I actually want to do here is talk about books. Not so much about giving reviews ( every book I finish I think is good, otherwise they're not worth my time), but well just talk about them. Or, well I don't know. And, yeah, it's mostly chick-lit i read, and I'm not gonna defend myself here. Nope. I have my reasons. If you're looking for a more deeper and intellectual blog, go somewhere else please.
Now, for tonight. I just started a new book about 2 hours ago. I was in a bad mood all day, because i didn't have anything to read, I hate that feeling. Empty. And then I found this book behind other books in my bookshelf..and I was hooked from the first page.

Same As It Never Was by Claire LaZebnik.