25 June 2009


Finally weekend!
Yes, I know..it's only thursday evening..but I only work four days a week, which is a blessing really. I'm not used to working, I'm not used to getting up early in the morning. And this week has been particularly hard. Working from 7 am to 3 or 4 pm, without a break is quite hard..and the smell in the office...
And I haven't slept much this week. To much to think..so many thoughts keeping me awake at night or giving me nightmares. Not good!

Two days ago I met my two best-friends here at home. One I've known since I was six years old, the other since I was seven or eight. I think its amazing that we still stay in touch. Sure, it's less and less each year.. but it's still great to see each other, reminisce about old times, talk about all the new stuff..and laugh a lot :)
Tomorrow I was supposed to meet an old friend of mine whom I haven't heard a lot of these past years..but he never got back to me about when and where..so I have no idea if the meeting will take place :(

Tomorrow I'm going to sleep late and in the afternoon I'm planning a trip to town..See what it has to offer!

Thats all for now..I'm too tired to think..

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