16 March 2010

Just Read # 3

Looks like I'm on a roll today. Second Book-Post today..Yay :)

This "Just Read" is about Kristin Harmels new book After

It is an adorable little read. I read it in one sweep on Saturday Evening, tears streaming down my face during most of it. After is like Kristin Harmels When you Wish a YA book. But it isn't your everyday typical YA- book. It deals with Death and the loss of a parent or both. So the theme is actually very grown-up and you won't find the typical ingredients of a YA book.
After is a book about coping, dealing with loss, rising up again, processing regrets and how to deal with feeling guilty.
Lacey, the books heroine, is very strong, and seems most of the time more mature and grown-up than a normal teenager, but I guess that is what you become in such situations.

I really really liked this book, the only negative thing is that you read it way too fast, it is finished way too soon and you won't want to leave :)

Yes, apparently I liked it.

Kristin Harmel has also written adult books, I liked How to Sleep with a Movie Star best out of these..

If you want to know more, you can visit Kristin Harmels homepage.


  1. Yay, keep the book posts coming! :D

    Ooh, I'm rather intrigued by this one, I'll look it up! I have a copy of When You Wish and can't wait to read it!

  2. :D I actually like Kristin Harmels YA books better than her other ones. Really liked When You Whish too :)