17 March 2010


Well, look at that, my second book-post for today...this is really getting started..haha

Well, I got a bunch of new books lately and there simply was no space...so this early afternoon it looked like this

The pic is taken with my iPhone, that's why it is really unfocused (it's kinda dark in here)..but I think you get my point...
I got really frustrated and overwhelmed...but now it looks like this

I have at least three rows of books on every shelf..that will say, there are two rows behind the ones that you can see...and of course..these are only a few of all my shelves :)

Now, I'm going to curl up in my bed...accompanied by The Accidental IT-Girl (see my earlier post today)


  1. I love the covers of the books you got. They look so beautiful.

  2. Thank you :) I think so too! I'm always accused of buying the books because of their covers..but I don't, it's not my fault they make them so beautiful :)

  3. Ooh, I love the way your organized your shelves and the books look gooorgeous! I know what you mean, these are just too pretty not to be bought, hehe!
    By the way, I spy a lot of Belinda Jones novels and I've heard great stuff about her, but haven't read anything yet ... Which one should I read first? :)

  4. :D I woke several times during the night because books fell down...sounding like gunshots..so maybe I've got to rethink the whole thing..haha...HM..I'll have to think about the Belinda Jones books, It's a long time since I've read them and I can't wait for her new one to come out soon :). But I think my favorite is out of the blue...You told me you don't like books set in Spain or Italy..who do you feel about Greece? Anyway..Out of the blue is a perfect summer on the beach read.. :D As I wrote myself in one of my first postings " Perfect Summer Read! You can literally smell the ocean!" .... But I'll look up the others..:)

  5. how..not who..silly little me :)

  6. Hmm, I'm afraid Greece is right there on the list with Italy and Spain, I prefer my books to be set in the North, ideally in the UK or US so I've been thinking of giving Divas Las Vegas or California Club a try ... Which other author would you compare her books to and what is it about them that people like so much? :)