16 March 2010

Just Read # 2

Well, Well, Well - Here it comes: Just Read # 2!

I've been so busy lately, that I didn't have time to write or to read..SCANDAL!!!

Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom by Julie Cohen

What is the difference between a good book and a bad one (I alreday know that this book isn't a great one..so)

I'm really not good at giving reviews, my opinion is never the same as anyone else's. It's subjective, and my feelings and opinions about books are always shadowed by how I felt that particular day, if a was glad or sad, it it was raining or sunny.

Anyway, I read this little book on Friday-afternoon, in one sitting. Is it a good book if you just can't put it down?

I'm not going to give a short synopsis of the book's content, you can read that on any number of different sources, like amazon.com or on Julie Cohens homepage .
The book is called Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom, the Gloom Temple part starts after about 160 pages. I didn't want to read these first 160 pages. I wasn't interested in them, At all! I already knew what was going to happen. It said so on the back of the book! Nina is in love with the married guy, she runs away to Spain with the Spanish guy instead, he in turn runs off with all her money..and that's when the Temple of Gloom really starts. Why read anything that I already know the outcome of, why invest any emotions? I wanted to know what happened after, so I pretty much started reading the book on page 160 or somewhere near there.

The good part of the book on the other hand is way too short, the ending is rushed and I still don't know much about Vampire Viktor..and why did Julie Cohen try to get in all that Vampire-mystery stuff in the first place? It seems she tried to write about something that is IN right now -> Vampires.

Anyway, bottom line is that I liked the book, the second part at least. But it left me emotionally unfulfilled, I wanted more, the real story was too short for me, too rushed.
But try it, if you are looking for a fast Friday afternoon read :)

Also by Julie Cohen:
I especially liked One Night Stand and Girl From Mars


  1. I know all about being too busy to read and it suuuucks!
    And of course you're a good reviewer - your opinion is meant to be subjective, that's the best part! :D
    Anyway, this doesn't really look like my kind of read, but I enjoyed reading your review. :)

  2. :) Thanks! Well, I'm really shy and self conscious and English isn't that easy either :P. Just wondering, why doesn't Nina Jones and the Temple of Gloom seem like your kind of read?

  3. Eh, silly little reasons, like I don't like books set in Spain (or Italy for that matter) and just the mention of a vampire is enough to make me run a mile. :) It's probably a lovely read, just not for me. :)