03 March 2010


I've taken away my web-tracker/visitor-counter. Why, you may ask, well I got really paranoid and got scared of "stalkers" and I've seen that the counter was inaccurate..so now I've deleted it...feels, well, feels freeing..kind of :)

Hope to have time to post a few book-reviews soon. I haven't read anything in a while..and it will take some time until I'll receive new books..but I have a few finished ones from a few weeks ago...

Now, you all have a nice day, week or month...Hope it's warmer where you are because I'm still freezing :)

1 comment :

  1. I know what you mean about web tracker - I had one on my very personal LiveJournal and I was completely freaked out when I saw that someone from my own country was regularly reading my journal so I set it to private immediately. I don't really care about who reads my book blog as it's completely non-personal, but I definitely see your point. These webtracker thingies can be a blessing and a curse!
    Looking forward to more of your reviews!
    Oh and a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I'm turning 25 in a few months too and it's quite scaaaary, I feel so old, lol!