27 January 2010

Yay and Nay

I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days..There have been Up's and Downs. Nope, I'm not depressed, I feel pretty good, mentally at least. But my body has been in pain..stupid pain..pain I haven't felt like this for years, at least it hasn't been this bad!

But good things first...

This lovely piece (rather big :D) of furniture has finally arrived at my humble apartment last Saturday...

I apologize for the quality of the photo..I'm seriously thinking about wishing for/paying part of a new camera for my birthday. I've got a pink (very pretty) Sony Cybershot with (only) 7.2 megapixels and a 4x zoom. I've never been happy with it, never been content with the quality of the pics, but the pic above is worse than usual. On the other hand, I spent a lot of money on that camera almost two years ago..and I actually don't know if there are any cameras out there that are better than this one with a prize I actually can afford.

I spent the weekend on the above showed piece of furniture..obvisously..watching movies. It has been a "Gene Hackman, Tony Scott or was it a Jerry Bruckheimer" weekend..that means I watched on Blu-Ray or Dvd: Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide, Runaway Jury and Bad Company, there definitely was a theme there somewhere :D

On the other hand I felt pretty bad, my left wrist started to act up last friday..on Saturday it looked like this:
Yep, it still does. I scream, I mean it, when I come near/or in contact with something cold. I can't stand it..tears start immediately to run down my face..and my screams of agony aren't pretty, I tell ya! But it's not only that it hurts when "touched" by something cold, it also hurts doing stuff..like *moving* .., like "holding a book", like "put on clothes", like "cleaning the apartment"..and so on..it even hurts while I'm sleeping.. (judging from the painful nightmares I've had these past days) and it isn't easy to write this with just one hand!!!

Anyway, on top of everything I came down with a serious cold on Sunday..I still have a sore throat, feel generally weak and have headaches for the most part of my days. So my studying hasn't been as it is used to..that will say, I'm way behind with my reading..way behind with everything. But, I have a nice teacher right now and I actually talked to her yesterday..and I know everything is going to be fine :D

So, what else?
  • My mother is coming to visit the day after tomorrow. Yay!! It's been more than 6 months since I've last seen her.. (yeah, that and I'm seriously craving for some Swiss chocolate..haha)
  • Bad thing is that I don't have so much time for her, what with me being behind with my studies, having some serious group-work next week, and a few lectures..
  • I've been watching a lot of Tennis these past few days ( I really like spending my time in the living room right now, hmm, why could that be :D ). And, I've got to say (*proudly*) that I was right about every 1/4 match..Yay me..I was right about who'd win and the number of sets...maybe I should look into a career of a fortune-teller.
  • My bookshelfs feel very empty right now..not literally of course (they're filled to the max), but I haven't much to read right now (It's my mood I guess,.. there are a few unread books that probably are great (not the bad-ones I threw aside))
  • I'm so so very broke right now, its almost hilarious!!
  • Despite being very very very broke I've ordered 11 books today...what's a girl to do with a serious book-craving/need/addiction with only a minimal student-loan?? Maybe I should think about selling my books I haven't read....
  • I should seriously consider finding some sponsoring..(Marry rich??)
I've finally started on this book today

It has been on my shelf for a while and now, amidst studying, sleeping, feeling sorry for myself and watching tennis I've finally gotten around to start reading it.

The "Girl" on the cover seriously reminds my of "Suze" in the Shopaholic movie..the one from Gilmore Girls..ah yes Krysten Ritter. Anyway, I don't know yet if I like it or not..which is kind of unusual for me..normally I know within a few pages..now I've read almost a hundred and I still don't know.
It certainly is different. And funny. Hilarious dialogue and refreshing. But, on the other hand, it's just this "otherness" I have difficulties to relate to. Not the style of writing, or the story itself, but the fact that Sass' (the name of the 'heroine') only problem seems to be that she dates the "wrong men" ..and that she is a bit shy..or at least afraid of conflict..But the thing I can't relate to is the fact that she doesn't seem to have problems to find a date, every man seems to be attracted to her (at least to her 'outside self'), no second thoughts about outfits, what to say and so on.....I wish I knew what to wear every day..I wish I had that many men admire me, I wish I was that good at my job/studies ...Yeah, my list could go on and on...On the other hand,, Sass is actually a person I could look up to, and work with myself to be a little more like her...
So, now I'm going back to reading..Outside it's very nasty weather..snowstorm and such...my candles are burning and I'm having a good time, despite not feeling all too well..

Tomorrow is a new day, lots of studying, cleaning and looking forward to next week :D

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