19 January 2010

Need more time for reading!

I've just finished I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk. I actually don't know what I thought about it. I didn't particularly care for the storyline, the plot, it just felt blaah. I didn't care for the plot in the first one ( I Heart New York) either, but there was the writing, the writing I really like, and the warm fuzzy feeling I got from reading it. I didn't get it now. But I couldn't put it down either, just couldn't. So, anyway..I've got to study some more now...

This I got yesterday...After a long and excruciating wait it finally arrived on my doorstep..but there's no time for reading..well, sleep is overrated, right?


  1. I wasn't a big fan of I <3 New York either, but at least it looked pretty! ;) Congrats on getting the Scarlett book, I hope you enjoy it! And I know what you mean - who needs sleep when you have so many amazing books to read! My days are crazy busy too and I always say to myself that I'll at least read during the night, but then tiredness always gets the best of me. :( Oh and your bookshelf is just the cutest! :D

  2. Yeah :) I <3 Hollywood looks also pretty, but whereas I liked the writing in the first one, I didn't in the second one :(. I just started the Scarlett book..Wow, I really like it..maybe I'm just book-starved (it's only the second book I've read this year). :D Thanks, I love my bookshelf..but there's never enough space..or maybe, just maybe I own too many books..:)