22 January 2010

Becoming Scarlett

I finished Becoming Scarlett yesterday afternoon. I'm still in awe, I'm still high, still floating. Oh my God. That's all I can say. Really. I didn't get any sleep in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, no sleep at all. I had to get ready for Uni at 7 a.m., take the bus to Uppsala, have my presentation, discussing, having a really difficult and mind-boggling seminar, during all this time my mind was in a haze..in the book..not in the reality...I couldn't wait to get out of there..running to my bus which would take me home..carrying with me the weight of the book in my bag...

I honestly don't know which one was better, Saving Grace or Becoming Scarlett, what I do know is that this book could already take home the prize of being the best book of 2010..(I hope I'm wrong and an even greater book comes a long, for egoistical reasons, I want more great books to read!!!!). I'm so happy that I wasn't disappointed by Ciara Geraghtys second book, so happy indeed! I loved it, I really did! I cried more while reading Saving Grace and I even laughed more. I cried a little during the ending of Becoming Scarlett..a good cry :D..

I'm always afraid to read books that are too much drama, too sad..even if there is much sadness in the middle with a happy ending...I guess thats the reason why' I don't read" heavier" books. I can't face them..There has been too much sadness in my life already..and I don't have to read about it..I read because I want to feel better..feel something else..being emerged in a different reality than my own. That doesn't mean that I live my life through books, not at all..I'm living my dream..or well, most of the time. But books, books are the only constant thing in my life..they make me happy..even if everything else fails.
I'm so glad to have found the books of Ciara Geraghty..they are just what I need..not too much girly/chick-lit/make-up/boyfriend-trouble stuff and not too much too serious/serious/sad/drama stuff either..and her writing..oh my God, I really love her writing..I really lose myself. I wasn't here while I was reading Becoming Scarlett..I was somewhere else..

I can't give you a good summary/review of Becoming Scarlett..maybe later..And I know that the books/my reading depends on the my feelings/emotions and everything else I have /situation I'm in, when I'm reading the books..so someone else maybe doesn't feel/think the same thing about it as I do..

But books like Becoming Scarlett by Ciara Geraghty (as Saving Grace) are the reason why I keep reading..why I keep looking..why I keep sorting through all the bad ones, the mediocre ones and the good ones...to find the really great ones.. the ones that give me butterflies, make me hot and cold, make me cry and laugh..make me feel like I'm flying and floating..the ones that are worth every word I read..So thank you Ciara Geraghty..thank you!..

Ok, now I sound really sentimental..I'm sorry..
Now I'm in a book drought again...and I'm already bored...Pity me...


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you did a review of this book and I'm really intrigued by it! I haven't read either of Ciara's books, but I have a copy of Grace and everyone's been speaking SO highly of it that I really must read it asap, but you know how it is - too many books, too little time. ;) Excellent review and it really makes me want to read the book, even though it doesn't really sound like my kind of read, hard to explain why, I guess I just don't feel connected or can't relate to the main character based on the description? But I'll definitely be reading SG asap! :)
    Can't wait to see what you read next! :)

  2. Aww, sorry to hear your order for Monsieur got cancelled. Have you tried Book Depository? The delivery is free there worldwide and the books are quite inexpensive too, I totally recommend it since I live in Central Europe too and shipping from Amazon etc is so expensive.
    And yes, I'm sooooo happy about my Making Out books! I ordered used copies on Amazon UK and then Luisa sent them to me once they all arrived to her address. Can't wait to read them!