05 January 2011

My Best of 2010

Well, I'm late with this, as usual. I had great plans for this post, had it all mapped out in my head, it was going to be awesome. But time got the best of me so this will have to do.

According to my Goodreads account I've read 105 books in 2010 and 14 books that I've started but not finished. As I've joined Goodreads in June I can't be sure that I remembered all the books I read before that and of course, all my rereads and books for my university-studies aren't counted in that number. Anyway, it's still a pretty high number and deciding which books I liked best in 2010 was really hard.

Here are a few of my favourites, without any particular order, the links provided are to my reviews (if there's one)

Lovely Summer Beach Reads ( or warming reads for snowy days...)
Living La Vida Loca - Belinda Jones
About Time - Niamh Shaw
Swimming with Dolphins - Deborah Wright
Katy Carter Wants A Hero - Ruth Saberton
Single in the City - Michele Gorman

The Year of 2010 was also the Year where I discovered contemporary YA

Boys, Bears, and A Serious Pair of Hiking Boots - Abby McDonald
The Duff - Kody Keplinger
Anna and The French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins
Psych Major Syndrome - Alicia Thompson
North of Beautiful - Justina Chen Headley
Going to Far - Jennifer Echols

My Favourite Series
The Iron Fey
The Iron King - Julie Kagawa
The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa
I can't wait for the third, the waiting is excruciating!

Two very heavy hardbacks that are sooo worth the pain in my wrists (from holding them while reading) and back (from carrying them around with me all the time)

Getting Away With It - Julie Cohen
Becoming Scarlett - Ciara Geraghty

Hilariously Funny Books - oh the Joy of reading these books, couldn't stop giggling, perfect!

Hello, Heartbreak - Amy Huberman
A Girl Like You - Gemma Burgess ----(Review to come SOON!)
The Dating Detox - Gemma Burgess
There's Cake in my Future - Kim Gruenenfelder  (Review to come SOON!)

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  1. Great picks! I also loved HH and Single in the City and Boys, Bears etc! Must read Getting Away With It asap, it looks amazing! And wow, over 100 books read, that's impressive!