02 August 2010

Hello Again - A few short reviews/ratings

Hello again!

I'm back in Sweden, which means I have my 'bigger' laptop back ( it was getting a bit annoying with my 10.1'' laptop). Anyway, I had a great time this last month and I did a lot of reading. Because it would take too much time right now I've decided to only give you a quick run-down of the books I've read ( I saw that there are a lot of reviews out there already and I'm kinda late - due to the 'no-internet-connection).

I thought I'll start with the one i liked the most and continue with the others (without order - I could never decide which one would be second, third and so one..it all depends on the mood, they are all different somehow..and anyway it is after all what I think, my subjective opinion..my perception changes everyday anyway).

  • You're the One that  I don't Want - Alexandra Potter                                                                         I'll be honest with you here. I've been waiting like forever for this book. I've had really big/great expectations. I've been in love with A.Potters books ever since I've read: Be Careful What You Wish For, I've liked all her books since and the ones before that with the exception of Me and Mr. Darcy. For once a book actually lived up to my high expectations. I really loved it. I read it in one afternoon at the pool. I didn't notice the warmth, didn't have the urge to go into the water. I just wanted to read the book! Of course it wasn't perfect, no book is. On the blurb on the back of the book it states that Lucy was 18 when she first met Nate, on the first page inside the book it says that she was 19. Why, why, why, do these mistakes happen? They make my crazy! The other thing I didn't like was the 'naivety' of Lucy when she first got back together with Nate again, she should have known that something wasn't right. And what's up with all the randomness? But I really liked the prose, the writing, the interesting plot, the newness of the plot, the moral of the story. I greatly enjoyed this book!
  • Single in the City - Michele Gorman                                                                                                   I had no idea what to expect of this book. I heard that it was once called: The ex-pat diaries. The blurb and the title simply made this book irresistible for me. Me being somewhat of an ex-pat myself. ( I moved to Sweden by myself when I was 18). I found Single in the City simply hilarious. It's funny, wonderful and a really great holiday/summer read.
  • The Not-So Secret Diary of a City Girl - Abby Spencer                                                                     This book was a bit different from the others. I liked it, of course. But I just couldn't see the connection between the blurb and the book. And what is up with it's title? Her diary is on-line for like five minutes. I really was expecting something different. But this book really is worth reading. It had me interested from page one to the end. I liked Alex, I liked Laura - smart and girly and human (like all women are, the men just haven't realised it yet!). What this book needs is a name-change so that it stops misleading the readers.
  • The Final Hitch - Samantha Scott-Jeffries                                                                                          As you all know, I never finish books I don't like. So even this one was good-enough to finish. I've read the first one in the series - I Do, I Do, I Do  and really liked it, so of course I had to read the second one. I found it a bit too predictable, Harrisson a bit too nice/likeable, and the plot a bit too slow. But all in all it was a good enough beach-read.
  • Katy Carter Wants a Hero - Ruth Saberton                                                                                          This little gem really really surprised me. What a wonderful book. This book has it all. A likeable funny, clumsy, real heroine and a relationship/connection that feels so real you find yourself getting jealous. It goes straight to the heart I tell you. This book is so funny, so wonderful, the storytelling feels so real, so close to the heart that you'll never want it to end. You'll dread the final page, you'll want it to go on forever. Ok, maybe I got a little carried away with this one. But, please, give it a chance. It may surprise you!                                                

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