15 January 2011

In My Mailbox # 5

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren , find out more about it on her IMM-page.

I could have had a better week if my cute postie (really, he is sooo cute and handsome, and he delivered 7 out 8 books on 3 different days to me this week, and all of these 3 times I was asleep when he rang the bell at the door and yes, it was past 11 am, so I am a really lazy person...and still he smiled that cute smile....*melting*)  would have delivered ALL of my ordered books, which he didn't, and it feels like the rest of my books have gone missing, because they should have been here already!!

Anyway, I got a mix of chick-lit and YA this week:

Finding Mr.Flood  - Ciara Geraghty

Sea - Heidi R.Kling   (Liked it, it was different from what I expected, it surprised me!)
The Body Finder - Kimberly Derting ( This one I picked up at the bookstore in town of my uni, was really surprised they had it, loving it so far!)

Another S.A.S.S (Students Across the Seven Seas) has arrived, still a couple missing :S

Now and Zen - Linda

Prom & Prejudice - Elizabeth Eulberg
A Werewolf in Manhattan - Vicki Lewis Thompson

Rules of Attraction - Simone Elkeles

Yes, I'm aware of the fact that I've posted two IMM's back to back. I don't really have an excuse for that besides the fact that I've been really really busy with uni this week, but now all papers (that had to be handed in immediately) have been handed in, and I hope to finally find the time to post all my reviews!

Now, I'm really interested in what you all got this week, hope you all had an exciting week!

Happy Reading!

//Q N


  1. That's a lovely haul despite the missing books! I like the look of Finding Mr Flood and I can't wait for your review of Secret Lives - been wanting to buy that one, but a bit unsure!

    Happy reading! :D

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  3. Great books! I look forward to reading your reviews of them. Enjoy!

  4. What a cool mailbox this week. Hope you have fun reading :)You can find my IMM at The Bookishsnob

  5. Great reads! I really want to read Sea. And I loved Prom and Prejudice.
    New follower!
    My IMM

  6. Great bunch of books! Prom & Prejudice looks so cute. I hope you enjoy all of your books!

  7. I got The Body Finder a couple of weeks ago. Can't wait to read it! Can't wait to get Prom & Prejudice also! Enjoy!

    Happy Reading!

  8. A fat mailbox. Enjoy the reading.

  9. Prom and Prejudice looks fun!

    My IMM is here: The Book Bundle

    Enjoy your books!