24 April 2010

Summer Holiday Books

Summer is approaching even though it still snows occasionally.
This year, summer means three long months of doing absolutely nothing. Or well, not nothing, there will be lots and lots of reading..and of course sunbathing and swimming and enjoying :)

This year I'm going to be away for 5 long weeks. Which normally would mean that I need 30 books. Now we all know that I can't take 30 books with me..my suitcase isn't that big!. But I thought that I could get away with ten books...one in my handbag, two in my hand-luggage and so on....

So now the excruciating task of setting books aside begins. They have to be:
  • Quite small 
  • Not too heavy
  • Bubbly and perfect summer reads
  • Interesting
  • And I need diversity..
So the first book I'm going to set aside is The Not-So Secret Diary of a City Girl by Allie Spencer  it is a Little Black Dress book, perfect for my handbag. It will be the first to the hopefully growing stack of books on my windowsill..taunting me when I'm bored........

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