09 April 2010


The reason why I'm not posting here much is because I don't have anything to read. Which is sad. I'm home and sick and all I want to do is reading a great book, maybe I'm in the mood to read an old one, a good book I've already read.

This last week I've read two books ('cause I didn't have any more!)..I hope to post some reviews soon!

Have nice Weekend!


  1. Aw, sorry to hear you're sick and I hope you feel better soon! How many books do you usually read per week? I'm lucky if I manage two and yet I'm pretty much drowining in unread books - I have more than 200 books that still need to be read and no time, grr!

  2. :D Thank you, I feel much better today already! Well, I read a lot, sometimes I read several books at the same time depending on my mood. But normally, if I have books, I read 4 or 5 books a week on holidays even more. But yeah, I have tons of unread books, must be more than 200 actually, but, well if I'm not in the mood than I'm not in the mood...so there they are, collecting dust :)