16 April 2010

ReRead #4

I'm sick again..Quelle surprise!

Between short bouts of fitful sleeping or simply staring at nothing I alternate between writing my final paper (which is/was due today) and reading. It seems though that it is a lot easier to read than to write when you can't think coherently. Anyway, I just finished One Night Stand and I have to say it is as good as the first time I've read it. I love it! The characters are likeable, I developed a huge crush Hugh (must be because my body is weak from fever), the story is fast-paced and interesting and the writing is wonderful. It made me laugh and my eyes got wet now and then :)

So..I've decided to stay with the pregnancy theme and move on to this book:

ReRead nr. 4 is One Thing Led to Another by Katy Regan

(I'm running out of rereadable books..hope my new books will arrive soon!)


  1. Awww, sorry to hear you're unwell again and I hope you feel better soon! On the bright side, at least you have some time to read! ;)