13 April 2010

ReRead #1 and #2

I wish I lived in a country where one simply can walk into a store/shop and pick up a good book or several.
This is another week without books, I don't understand why my timing is so wrong all the time, I get seriously frustrated when I have nothing to read.

So, yesterday I picked up one of my all-time favourite books to reread!

Conversations With the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
I normally have a problem rereading books, but this time was different. And I liked it even more than the first time around!! My English has improved since I've read it the first time and I'm also a bit older and hopefully a bit wiser. I really really love this book :)

Anyway,  I have some serious studying to do and have to write 3 papers until Friday, but without reading I can't concentrate..so today's ReRead is this following book:
The Pregnancy Test by Erin McCarthy
It should be a light enough book for today- Easy enough to put down and study/write some more, and Interesting enough to pick up again and continue reading...:)

I just hope I'll find a book to reread tomorrow! Any suggestions??

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