05 April 2010


Tomorrow is Book-Ordering-Day!!!!

Any suggestions???

I have a few lined up already:

- Anita Notaro - No Ordinary Love
- Allie Spencer - The Not So Secret Diary of a City Girl
- Katherine Center - Get Lucky
- Carol Snow - Just Like Me, Only Better
- Pamela Ribon - Going in Circles

Can't Wait for:
- Niamh Shaw - About Time
- Jane Costello - My Single Friend (I've been waiting for ever and ever!!!)
- Belinda Jones - Livin La Vida Loca


  1. Yay for a Book Ordering Day! :D
    Have you read Finding Monsieur Right? I really enjoyed that one a while ago! And the one that I think is totally underrated is Hollywood Car Wash, I loved it! Air Kisses? And I suppose you've already read everything by Jenny Colgan and Melissa Nathan? :)
    Oh and if you had a proper book blog, you could already get My Single Friend and Living La Vida Loca for review ages ago - think about it. ;)))

  2. Nope, I haven't read Finding Monsieur Right, I just couldn't get into it :S...I have all the Melissa Nathan books..and I actually just started reading Persuading Annie ( It was just sitting on my book-shelf for ages and ages and getting really dusty :P )..Yeah, I have all Jenny Colgan books I could get my hands on (a few aren't available for ordering here)!...Yeah, Well, I really have no idea how this "proper book blog" works, and how to get books early for reviews :S

  3. What about The Popularity Rules? Or Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista? Sarah Dessen is also fantastic, I'd recommend reading her books if you haven't already, ut that's YA. I suppose you're read Heaven Can Wait and Emily Giffin too?

    Book blogs are no rocket science really - just you have to network and post reviews of books that you've read etc and then people contact you if you're interested in reviewing their books so they send it to you for free. That way you can get books way in advance if you're interested. I still buy most of my books though, but review books can be fun too. :)