09 April 2011

In My Mailbox # 16

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IMM #16 aka Chick-lit week at its finest :)

Hello everybody and thanks for stopping by my blog.

This week was a busy week, with uni starting again (not that I was on vacation before, I could work from home for the last three months, writing my masters-thesis). I live a bit away from my uni (it's cheaper where I live and I'm doing my masters which means I can do a lot from home, no lectures or seminars).

Anyway, this week has been more chick-lit-y than my past IMM's which seems kind of weird. Also, my missing books arrived (well, not the ones that were missing, but the ones that were re-sent to me) but an other book-related parcel is way overdue ( I've ordered a bag and a sweater that are book-related and they haven't turned up, hope it was a legitimate company :S :S). So, this is what I've got this week:
Playing Hurt - Holly Schindler. This is one of my 'missing books' that finally turned up. I was waiting for ever end ever for this one. Ordered it a long time ago, it was shipped...and...nothing happened. It just didn't arrive. Anyway, I was very happy when it finally arrived on my doorstep, after lots of emails to customer-service. Anyway. I've started it, but couldn't really get into it. The story in the book is not the one described on the jacket (or at least what I'd expected from the blurb). And I have a feeling there's some cheating going on there. :/ But everyone else loves it, so give it a try :)
City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare. Yay, it arrived, beautiful hardback.

Looking for Leon  by Shirley Bentely. I just love these *big*-paperbacks :)
Girl on the Run by Jane Costello. I did my own little happy-dance when this arrived. Didn't think it was out yet. So it was a complete surprise. I LURVE Jane Costello's books. I LURVE THEM!
The Truth About You - Melissa Hill. I'm quite new to Melissa's books, I've only read two of them. But I've enjoyed both of them. She has a way of writing that's just like chocolate mousse or something. And all the twists and turns...oh my...I hope I like this one as much. Love the cover, (it reminds me of Lucy Dillon's books)
The Finishing Touches - Hester Browne. A few weeks back  I was raving about Hester Browne's new book: Swept off her Feet, (here), and a few of you mentioned this book of hers, that I should read it, so I've bought it :)
The Provence Cure for Brokenhearted by Bridget Asher. I love the Provence, hope I'll love the books as well :)

So, this is it for me this week. What did you all get?
Happy Reading!


  1. Just wow. You had an amazing book week and I am desperate for City of fallen angels. Ugh. I'm so behind! I must read faster!! LOL I hope you enjoy everyword. You can find my mailbox here: http://blog.juliealindsey.com/ I'm normally a YA girls, but an eBook win this week had my mailbox full of romance.

  2. two things.

    i LURVE to use the word lurve.
    and i lurve chick lit! nice haul this week. :)

    my IMM vlog this week!

  3. Wow, amazing books this week! : ) I definitely want pretty much all of them ha ha. I really want to read CoFA but I'm a little behind in the series so I need to catch up quickly. It seems like everyone got that book this week! : )


  4. Lol, I got CoFA too! Seems like everyone did. Enjoy your books!


  5. I've been to, like, 20 other In Mailbox;s and EVERYONE has a copy of 'City of Fallen Angels" and it's driving me nuts.

    Happy Reading! (Please come visit my IMM and leave a lovely comment: http://bit.ly/hSl8Ix )

  6. looks like you have some good books!

  7. Nice IMM. I couldnt wait for my HArdback COFA..I ran and bought Paperback..mose awesome read:D


  8. Seems everybody got CoFA this week. I still have to wait mine for around three weeks from now.

    I hope you enjoy it.

    IMM #11