04 April 2011

Bookshelf tour - aka 'I own too many books'

I own way too many books :)

I think it's time for another bookshelf tour. Yes, I know, I've done it before, but I for one never tire of them, I love looking at other people's bookshelves, so I thought why not do another. I actually wanted to do it as a vlog, so I just spent a lot of time filming my bookshelves, but it didn't turn out so well, so I'm showcasing my shelves with lots of pictures instead. (Please ignore the dust you'll see in some of them, it's not easy to keep dark surfaces dustfree haha).

My books

Yes, I'm running out of shelf-space :)
Yes, I like pink, why?
yep, and hearts too...
and pretty covers...
So, that's it. You can, obviously, only see the front row of my books on my shelves, there are, eehhm, lots of books behind the books you can see pictured..and I have boxes full of books under my bed, in my closet....and so on...

Contrary to what you see in the pictures I'm actually not a very girly girl. Not outside my bedroom. My friends are mostly guys, I watch sports, hate shoes and make-up and other girly stuff, and I don't have many girl-friends..Yep, contradictory that's me :)


  1. I love seeing other's bookshelves, too! Your bookshelves are fab! I looove how you've colour-coded a lot of your books, mine are done by the author's last name and by size!

    I might do this. My shelves are wonderful and I've recently tidied them! :D

  2. What a beautiful sight! Your shelves are wonderful. My books are all in one closet. Maybe one day I can have them everywhere like you. I would LOVE that! :)