26 March 2011


Hej y'all

Health issues
Some of you may have wondered what happened with the rest of my *chick-lit-week* posts. I had planned to do another three review-recommendation-thingies but as always, life got in the way. On Tuesday when I looked into the mirror I noticed a small white/grey spot in my iris. It hurt. Badly. I don't really know how to explain it, but that spot wasn't even with the rest of my eye, it stood out a bit. It didn't only hurt but it also tickled a bit and big was the temptation to try to take it away with my fingernail. The rest of the eye was very very red. Anyway, that meant I couldn't wear my contacts, I have no new glasses (the ones I have I see quite blurry with). So, I've been staggering around half-blind for most of this week, seeing almost nothing with my left eye. This means of course almost no reading/writing/posting. What do people do all day when they can't see? No tv, no walking in the sunshine, no reading, no studying, no writing....ghaaaa!
I feel a bit better now, the red is almost gone, the spot has become smaller.


I really liked writing these review-recommendation-thingies of chick-lit and I would very much like to continue these regularly. Now, of course, I can't call it chick-lit-week anymore. Any ideas what I could call this *feature*?? Any help with names is most welcome :D

Upcoming posts
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately, and actually wanted to start last Tuesday is a new regular instalment where I talk about Me and books, I'm thinking about calling it Booktalk..but maybe that's a bad idea?! The idea is that I talk about different topics concerning books, my first topic is going to be *How I treat my books*...

My second idea is a regular feature, like once a month or so where I ask a question...something like: Which books would you save in a fire?....

The third idea I had this week (after reading a few tweets of fellow book-bloggers)...is writing  some posts with titles like: My favourite contemporary YA, or Paranormal YA and so on. In which I would list my favourites in said *genre*. ..But maybe such posts are unnecessary?

Anyway, let me know what you think.

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