19 March 2011

In My Mailbox # 13

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So, I've just got a little break from tennis-watching :)...This week I'm proud to say that I've actually posted not one but TWO reviews on my blog..that hasn't happened this year yet..LOL...but I've had kind of a bad reading-week. Nothing felt right :( and THE ONE book I was waiting for all week didn't arrive. It should have been here a week ago. I really love bookdepository but sometimes they're a bit unreliable, well not them, but the mailservice. As of right now, two books are missing :(.

So this is what I've got (bought) this week, as always all the links go to Goodreads:
Steel - Carrie Vaughn. I'm quite excited about this :)

Heaven Scent - Sasha Wagstaff. This book has the most gorgeous cover I've ever come across! This book already has a special place in my heart. Every year I spent two weeks in the fall in St.Tropez. I've a special connection to that place. And I've been several times to Grasse, the city of perfume :)
Kiss it - Erin Downing. I love the color-combination of that cover! It's a very different, very dry in tone, sarcastic read.
The Importance of Being Emma - Juliet Archer. I can't resist all things Jane Austen.
 Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins. I've FINALLY bought this one, for my kindle. I've started it, I like it, but I'm still a bit too chicken to finish it :/

So, that's it from me this week, what did you all get?

Happy Reading


  1. Oh yes, The Hunger Games is brutal, but such an outstanding read! And I agree, the Heaven Scent cover is beautiful! Happy reading! :D

  2. Love the Hunger Games series, I can't believe it took me that long to read them too. (I read them in February) Hope you like them too!

  3. Some good books this week! You really should finish "The Hunger Games" - it's top notch.

  4. Steel and Demonglass!!! I can't wait to read both of those! Enjoy all your great reads!

  5. Great Mailbox. It's nice to find out that you also love Hunger Games

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