10 August 2010

Review # 3 -' Forget You' by Jennifer Echols

There is something magical with books like these. I haven't quite figured out yet what it is. Fact is that I liked the emotions  Forget You evoked in me so much that I found myself reading slower and slower towards the end. When I'd reached the final page, closed the book, it felt like a break-up, it hurt. I haven't been able to start a new book since then (But don't worry, I'll force myself to jump right back in later today).
Anyway, Forget You is about control. Forcing control where you can't have control. Control situations you can't control. And people and situations that control you that you want to be free of. And it is about forgetting on various different levels. Trying to forget what you can't forget and forgetting what you so desperately want to remember.

I loved Jennifer Echols' previous book Going Too Far, I can't decide which one I liked more.
This is a really precious book for me, so check it out if you long to feel like a teenager again.

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