26 July 2010

Desperate Book-Shopping

Hello everybody!
I'm back from Spain again. I had a wonderful time, lot of time to read. The 9 books I brought with me weren't enough and the last few days were quite boring, suffering from withdrawal anxiety from having nothing to read.
Anyway, now I'm back in a place where I at least have an internet-connection and this morning I hurried to town. Of course, there were no english books, or at least, the ones they had I also have. But I managed to find one:

Melissa Hill - Please forgive me
I normally don't like to read books that are translated, thereof the problem with finding books this morning. I like to read books in their language of origin. In the end I bought these three books, with a little compromise:
Jessica Bird - Wenn es plötzlich Liebe ist; CécileKrug - Die Sache mit Edgar; Silke Neumayer - Die Männerversteherin

Anyway, it's only the first one that is originally in english, the second one is translated from french and the third actually is written by a german author. They looked lovely so I bought them :)

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