20 September 2011

YA-Lounge: And For Your Information... - Denise Deegan

Book Review: And For Your Information... by Denise Deegan

Sometimes you come across a book that surprises you. It doesn't happen all that often to me anymore. I guess I spend to much time on Goodreads and on other blogs. I hesitate writing a review of this book because I really think you should go read it first, and then come back and let me know what you thought.  Anyway, And For Your Information... is the second Butterfly Novel, the first one is And By The Way which you should have read before starting this one, as it's going the spoil it otherwise.

And For Your Information... by Denise Deegan. A Butterfly Novel

Everyone thinks they know who I am - ditzy Sarah, who cares more about appearances than she does about anything real. And yeah, I do care about what people think of me. Take my friends Alex and Rachel. We all go to Strandbrook College, Dublin. We're supposed to be best friends. But Alex and Rachel - they're really close. They tell each other things that they would never tell me. I try not to mind. And then there's Simon. He's my sort-of boyfriend but we hardly see each other. And when we do, I feel like he doesn't really 'see' me, you know? Everything's such a mess right now. My dad left us to be with Her; my mum is really angry all the time; and my brother Louis, he just doesn't care. I guess that's why the shoplifting started. It makes me feel good. In control. I just want everything to change. And it does. The day I got caught...

My Review

Oh, you're still here?! (or back again :) )

I still think one should start reading this book without knowing anything about it. Because I didn't. And let me tell you, this book took my heart out of my chest and punched it. Several times. Then it put it back all battered and bruised.
So, yeah, I've already destroyed it for you. I'm sorry.

I started And For Your Information... right away when cute Postie came by with it. Maybe it was the wrong time for me, as I just had some very bad Family news and still felt really emotional. I wanted to read something that cheered me up and I thought this would be the perfect book for that. I was wrong.
It started already in the beginning of the book. The scenes between Sarah and her mother felt so real and raw, they made me feel so frustrated I wanted to punch something.
I've read And For Your Information in one day. In the end I actually hid it under my bed because I didn't want to finish it, so I tried to ignore it, but that didn't work obviously.

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