14 September 2011

Wishing Wednesdays #1

- Wishing Wednesdays is a new feature I created because I like pretty things. Just because I'm currently broke doesn't mean I can't wish for thing, right? Wishing Wednesdays is exactly what it sounds like. I'll be featuring book-related things that are on my WishList. -

The Book Locket Necklace

First up is a little thing called a book locket. I've been wishing for one of these since like forever. Every christmas and every birthday I hint at it and I still don't have one :). For me they're just the perfect thing. I loooove books, obviously, they are my best friends. I also like to make my own jewellery, I love creating something with my hands. Having a bookish-necklace would be a perfect way of representing my Reader-status and be stylish at the same time.

There are many different types of book locket necklaces. Romantic, Girly, Steampunky, Sophisticated, Antique, Story-themed, Author themed. The following ones are some my favourites (links go to etsy):
A Beautiful Reader

Silver Book Locket   

Ruby Sunset
Book Locket Owl and Flower Necklace
My One and Only Steampunk Book Locket
That's my Wednesday Wish for today :)