29 October 2011

In My Mailbox # 31

Awesomesauce Aussie Week!!!!

I've been sick all week and have basically not been able to read or blog, but I got some awesome Aussie books, Yay :)

Muse (Mercy #3) - Rebecca Lim. The third book in the Mercy series. (book got a bit damaged in the mail :( )
Froi of the Exiles - Melina Marchetta. I freakin love Melinas books. She is my new favourite author! This is the second book in the Lumatere Chronicles

Good Oil - Laura Buzo. Another Aussie Book.
Surf Ache - Gerry Bobsien. I love this cover, I just want to join :) Aussie Awesomeness.

Kindle Books:
Kisses for Lula - Samantha Mackintosh. This was for free on Amazon and I thought it sounded cute :)
Don't You Wish - Roxanne St.Claire (NetGalley). I want those glasses, lol
Seraphina - Rachel Hartman (NetGalley). Sounds EPIC!

So, that's it from me this week. What did you all get? 
Hope you all stay healthy and have a good time reading!


  1. I hope you're not ill anymore. You had a really great book week this week! :) I love the Aussie covers for the Mercy-series. Happy reading!

  2. Oooh, great selection!
    I love all the Aussie books, especially Froi (I got that too :-D)!
    Good Oil is great too.

    Hope you're feeling better :)

  3. I love this IMM for one reason and one reason only: It contains mostly Aussie books! Being an Aussie I feel so proud of our writers having love in Sweden ;)

    The UK Muse cover is absolutely beautiful.

    Happy reading! Check out what I got out here: http://bookprobereviews.com/?p=974

  4. OoOooh Good Oil!! That's been recommended to be by ALL My GR friends. I haven't gotten to read it yet, though. Great haul!

    Xpresso Reads

  5. I love seeing something different. Love seeing Aussie Covers.
    In My Mailbox at FABR

  6. Hehe I had to LOL at the premise for Don't You Wish.. for some reason it reminds me of that movie "Honey I shrunked the kids" LOL

    Michele | My IMM

  7. Great books this week! The cover for Muse is gorgeous. <3 And I want those glasses from Don't You Wish, too! Haha :D

    Happy reading!

    Pam @ jellylovesbooks

  8. Great books this week! Hope you're feeling better!

  9. Froi of the Exiles! I want that SO BADLY! Here's what I got this week. I hope you love your books!