03 September 2010

New Books # 16

Hello again, I've been very busy lately and I haven't read a single book this past week. I'll be busy with uni, kitchen and my upcoming internship in the next few weeks as well, but hopefully I'll manage to find more time to read!
Anyway, during the past week I got some really interesting and beautiful books.

 These four books were kindly sent to me by Bookalicious Ramblings , THANK YOU!

The WAGS- series by Anonymous
A Reluctant Cinderella - Alison Bond
The following books I've bought myself. 
The (Im)perfect Girlfriend - Lucy-Anne Holmes
I know I'm a bit late with this one, but I only read the prequel 50 Ways to Find a Lover last week, is has been collecting dust on my shelf since like forever..tsts. It's hilarious, funny and I stayed up late to finish it, so of course I had to order the sequel immediately!

The DUFF (designated ugly fat friend) - Kody Keplinger; The Atlas of Love - Laurie Frankel
Before I Forget - Melissa Hill
This is the start of my catching-up on Melissa Hills books. I read Please Forgive Me recently, (I actually bought it on my desperate book-shopping-day in Switzerland) and was completely blown away...Now I only need to have some free-time to read!!


  1. Yay, so glad you liked the books! Can't wait to read your review of 50 Ways ... Happy reading! :D

  2. Thank you so much again :) ! I really hope I'll have time to read them soon!
    Yeah, I really hope I'll have time to post some reviews soon, there are so many I'd like to write and post, but there just isn't enough time :(