03 June 2010

Me and reading

When it comes to books my brain is like the cheese from the country I am from, yes my brain is like Swiss cheese,.....it stinks :)
Sorry, I just couldn't let that one go. I mean of course that it is full of holes. I forget easily everything, the characters names, details, sometimes even the plot. This is kind of strange, because I proud myself of having a photographic memory when it comes to reading books for uni, studying. I always remember everything, even on which page it was written. Anyway, when it comes to reading for pleasure all that stays with me is the feeling the book left in me. I can sort all my books by feeling. And not just feeling, but also give them a specific time and place. That will say that this particular book is a Wednesday-afternoon read, winter or summer and so on. But if someone would ask me what is that book about I usually have no idea what to say. That's why it is so difficult for me to write reviews, what if I remember something wrong? But what I can do is tell you about the feeling the particular book has left in me, that I can do.

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