04 May 2010

Just Arrived #7 Yay it's finally here :D

Yay, it has finally arrived! Was about Ime !! Lol. From being "first" last time to being "last", at least it feels like it. Anyway, I haven't quite decided yet if I'm going to devour it immediately or if I'm going to wait and cherish it...difficult decision..haha

Along with About Time by Niamh Shaw a few other books have arrived too

Now there's only one book left that hasn't arrived yet...


  1. Yay for Abby McDonald! Which one by Echols have you read btw?

  2. :) Yeah, I can't wait to dive in! I just had to buy these after reading 'Boys, Bears...'.
    I've read 'The Boys Next Door' and 'The Ex-Games' by Echols,(see 'Just Arrived #5) but I have to say that sadly I feel a bit too old for them. Sometimes I forget I'm not 15 anymore :) But still, I'm looking forward to reading this one too.